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What’s happening, what is going to happen and general Q&A!


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10 thoughts on “Q&A | Qigong & Fitness | LIVE FROM TAIPEI

  1. I keep trying to understand qi, chakras, dantians, nadis, kundalini, and related concepts from a scientific perspective, but it’s very difficult to find clear and consistent answers.

  2. Hey Eero ! I’m a bit late but I just wanted to say I’m a big fan!
    I remember in your original reddit post you mentioned having pain in you shoulder, which I assume is a lot better now. Which exercises did you find the most helpful for your shoulder? My right shoulder seems to be asymmetric from my left one in a subtle way

  3. the sound and image are bad. you also unload a quantity of theory, notably making the claim that the five elements have equivalents in specific hormones, which is very bold and you don’t reference the research. it takes a structured course, spread across several videos, to impart such knowledge.

  4. I regret missing your LIVE. It was at 2AM on the west coadt of America. Though one day I visualize the moment I get to meet you two. I have such admiration for your shared gifts. I will work hard to catch your next LIVE. I will pray and meditate on you both to model motivation for myself. Thank you gentlemen.

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