Full body bodyweight Bootcamp. A 300 spartan themed workout

Full body bodyweight Bootcamp. A 300 spartan themed workout that you can do anywhere. We will demonstrate how little equipment is needed. Think of what a spartan had back then. Simple things around the house, maybe a towel for grin strength. We’re not expecting you to throw arrows or anything. But you can use a chair, a door or anything in your vicinity.
This full body bodyweight Bootcamp is part of our series of live videos that we bring to you every Bootcamp Sunday. Nicknamed the Drill but themed while we’re social distancing.

We do a Live Bodyweight workout on Wednesdays at 530pm & Sundays at 930am to keep you motivate and moving during this tough time.

We got our inspiration for today’s workout here: https://www.pinterest.ca/thehealthyt/super-hero-workouts/

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