RealTalk With The Cummings: Leaving The Trans Cult

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11/12 RealTalk

Leaving the Trans Cult

Leaving The Trans Cult

A guide for parents to not trans their kids

Child Abuse: The Difference Between Gender Identity and Sex Change in Children

Child Abuse: The Difference Between Gender Identity and Sex Change in Children

Julia Serano’s Arguments for Gender Identity are Unconvincing, Incoherent, and Insulting

Dear Trans women

health corner

Animal protein weigh gain

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2 thoughts on “RealTalk With The Cummings: Leaving The Trans Cult


    GypsyBlue Nomads​Hi Everyone!


    tine eldridge​hi, good to be here.

    Desiree W​Hi there ☺

    Radical Angel​hi all, just able to join now. always enjoy your live chats!

    Radical Angel​yes the media is pushing this in cohorts with big pharma.

    Radical Angel​and the transcult is as much as or more gender confining as the conservative right, it’s just wild. transing children is the new gay/lesbian shock therapy.

    Radical Angel​breaks my heart that you hurt yourself as a young trans man 😞

    Radical Angel​mark what do you think someone could have said to you when you were younger and transing, that could have changed your mind about it??

    Radical Angel​wow 38, i didn’t know. thank you for sharing that story.

    Radical Angel​thank God you have each other

    Radical Angel​❤

    tine eldridge​beautiful inside and out.

    Radical Angel​YESSSs XX and XY

    Radical Angel​100% change gender can’t change sex

    Desiree W​Kids need to be left alone. Forcing hormones into kids is inhumane.

    Desiree W​This BS agenda is out of hand!!!

    Desiree W​This agenda is taking the motto “I think therefore I am” to a whole new level.

    tine eldridge​❤❤❤

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