RealTalk With The Cummings: Lies About Transition

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What Two Men Want You To Know about the Lies

New research reports danger of lupron

Transgender surgery regrets

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Transformation if you are enjoying it your doing wrong

Transformation: If You’re Enjoying It, You’re Doing It Wrong.

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4 thoughts on “RealTalk With The Cummings: Lies About Transition

  1. I would think that before you try telling others who they should or should not be, and putting yourselves out there as life coaches/experts, you’d figure out who the hell you are. Your videos have gone from trans to not trans to trans again – to FTM husband and MTF wife, to cis husband and cis wife, to holy roller “submit to thy husband” and everything in between. You have no idea who you are or what you are. You should stop throwing bricks from your glass house (or motel room)

  2. I’m watching this after it was taped but I wanted to say, I hesitated to add my “me too” because I didn’t want to look like I was making it about me. I’m a woman born woman and have lived with being sexually harassed and yes, assaulted, more times than I like to remember. Then I realized, if we’re afraid to say it, that defeats the purpose of the whole thing. So I added mine.

    It upsets me, quite a lot, that transwomen are doing this. I think most women who went through puberty were shocked to discover, we don’t get to grow up into people, but instead we’re turned into a sex object as soon as we get old enough where we might assume we would begin to be taken seriously as a person.

    It’s the worst sense of betrayal and it’s hard to get over it. Is there nothing we’re allowed to have for ourselves? Not even our own history of suffering through misogyny?


    GypsyBlue Nomads​Welcome to our show!

    tine eldridge​glad to be here.

    Moondog​I remember coming across a peer-reviewed academic journal article on Google Scholar that said that most psychologists think that all transgenders have Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Moondog​But that this needs to be reevaluated because like 30% or so DON’T have significant BPD symptoms. I don’t know if I agree with that or not. It seems like a lot of transgenders show BPD symptoms.

    Moondog​Actually I can’t remember the exact percentage said in the article.

    Moondog​Paul you mispronounced the word “electrolysis” once in a previous video.

    Moondog​I’m an atheist vegan and I enjoy your show.

    Moondog​What type of audio do you use, and do you plan on upgrading your audio equipment?

    tine eldridge​sound is good here.

    Moondog​It’s amazing that you two seem to have been able to work together nicely for so many years. I would have thought you’d be having lots of fights and have many seperations.

    Moondog​And give each other “the silent treatment”.

    Moondog​I will have to leave in about 10 minutes to go to a class.

    Moondog​OK, I’m going out now. I wish you all a good life and I hope to tune in to the next live chat with you all, if I remember! Bye bye!

    tine eldridge​hit the bell, and you will get notifications @Moondog

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    tine eldridge​peace and love. see you tomorrow.❤☯

    GypsyBlue Nomads​Love you too!

    tine eldridge​love your duets!

    tine eldridge​🎸🎼❤

    GypsyBlue Nomads​thanks Tine!

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