#PhysEdSummit 2017: Large Group Activities a “PIRATE” Would Love!

Time: 4pm ET (1600)
Speakers: Pete Charrette (United States)
Intended Audience: Before and/or Afterschool Activities, Future Professionals (PETE), Physical Activity, Recreation, or Sport, and Physical Education (Grades K-8)
Session Description: Watch some real students “in action” as they participate in some COOL standards-based movement that is: P-practical, I-inspirational, R-radical, A-active, T-timely, and E-Edgy. Let Pete Charrette (Cap’n Pete’s Power PE) show you some extremely fun, fast moving, and energy boosting fitness-based and manipulative skill activities that are ideal for your large group elementary/middle school PE classes. The session will include a mix of discussion, animated visuals, and some short, but impactful video clips!

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3 thoughts on “#PhysEdSummit 2017: Large Group Activities a “PIRATE” Would Love!

  1. I love all of your cool ideas! I also had the opportunity to open a brand new school. They didn’t have a gymnasium, so that was a huge challenge when the weather wasn’t so great.

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