5 Minute Pilates -Like Abs Workout – Boat Challenge – No Crunch, No Sit Ups Core Workout by WholyFit

Hi LaLa here! Do you want to tone up in the core area with me? I really need it because I hurt my back 4 years ago and never regained my full core strength. Soooo I invite you to join me doing 12 Boats, as shown in the video, every other day for two weeks. You will love Boats instead of Sit ups because Boats are more comfy AND better for you AND more efficient than sit ups. Pilates sit ups with the neck jutting forward cause strain on the neck. WholyFit Boats preserve good posture and don’t hurt your neck. Join me in this 5 minute WholyFit class, a healthy alternative to a Pilates class!


Better yet, upload YOUR Boat video to my [email protected] It’s easy to remember: Facebook.me/wholyfit

See you day after tomorrow!
Do you think fitness should fit you well and make you well in body, soul and spirit? Then WholyFit is for you – home exercise videos that are so comfy! Thank you for choosing WholyFit!

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I started this channel because home workouts have always been the basis of my personal fitness regimen. I love group classes but can’t always get there. Also I want new exercise.

Do you want workouts that are UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL? I literally make up the NEW ORIGINAL exercise systems by subscriber request. For example, see Ballefunkarate!

Please TALK TO ME in the comment section of every video and suggest workouts… any kind of exercise, any fitness level.

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Devotional Exercise helped me overcome chronic illness and clinical depression. I created Gentle Body POWER – stretching while meditating on Scripture. I call this mode of exercise, “Devotional Exercise” never “yoga.” I avoid yoga, as it does not resonate with my heart. Devotional Exercise does.

And guess what, others all over the world feel the same way! You can get trained to teach Gentle Body POWER and other fitness classes safely. Get certified online at wholyfit.com.

Thanks to the many WholyFit volunteers who generously give their time to offer our services at no charge.

DISCLAIMER: By your participation you agree to assume your own risk of injury exercising with these fitness videos. WholyFit, Fitness Pros for Christ, the Board of Directors and Laura Monica are not responsible for any injury you incur from exercising with these videos. We recommend checking with your doctor before exercising.

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2 thoughts on “5 Minute Pilates -Like Abs Workout – Boat Challenge – No Crunch, No Sit Ups Core Workout by WholyFit

  1. If you flex the feet during the forward fold you will get a deeper stretch (for those who don’t get a good stretch with pointed feet). I’m naturally quite flexible so the flexed foot helps me more in the leg stretch. 🙂
    I also love the variation of the hands over the head! I’ll have to try that way.

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