VC Kitchen #33 – Silicon Valley VCs and Singapore startups! Live pitches! Here, now!

The Investor: If I’m curt with you it’s because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this. So, pretty please … with sugar on top.

December 5 (today), Saturday (today), 7 am in California, 5 pm in Kiev, 6 pm in Minsk and Moscow. 33rd edition of VC Kitchens!

What will happen? Dmitry Alimov, Alexandra Sasha Johnson, Pavel Cherkashin, Sergey Gribov, Igor Matsanyuk, Daniil Stolyarov, Igor Ryabenkiy and I – and we will talk about life, venture capital investments and startups (we prepared a bunch of cool questions) + listen to your pitches and evaluate them live – and as always, we accept questions!

We are waiting for everyone who is interested in pitches, venture investments and feedback from investors on our air !!!

With us startups from SPH Ventures – SPH Ventures is a S $ 100 million venture capital fund set up by Singapore Press Holdings Limited that invests in early-growth technology companies globally. 40+ portfolio, 4 exits. D.Lab is a digital accelerator that is set to help SPH Ventures portfolio companies to identify product-market fit, strategize pivots, grow and adopt best innovation and user-centered practices.

Everything that happens in the VC Kitchen Startup Kitties can be found here – and here – https: // ….

Your pitch must not include fundraising details. This is an educational program about pitches Disclaimer STARTUP PRESENTATIONS IN THE VC KITCHEN ENTERTAINMENT SHOW ARE NOT AN OFFERS TO SELL OR BUY SECURITIES. The information contained and expressed in these videos and comments does not constitute an offer to sell securities or an offer to buy securities, nor is it permitted to sell securities in any jurisdiction where such an offer or sale would be illegal prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of such jurisdiction. Readers and viewers acknowledge that: (1) the information provided here does not offer any securities, nor does it constitute an offer to purchase any securities; (2) this information should not be construed as any description of the activities of the VC Kitchen show in conjunction with any offer of securities; (3) the information contained herein is subject to change without notice; (4) VC Kitchen makes no representations as to the legality or legality of any trade in any securities in any jurisdiction; (5) the show VC Kitchen has not verified any of the data presented in the show and does not accept responsibility for their veracity. All information on this site has been obtained by VC Kitchen from public sources, or from the words of the speakers here, and does not make any representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. None of the VC Kitchen Volunteer Organization, nor any of its members, officers, employees, consultants and expert participants are responsible for any use of the information described and / or contained herein. In no event, VC Kitchen, or its members, officers, employees or consultants, or expert participants shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, approximate or consequential damages caused by and under any theory of liability, whether under contract, strict liability or wrongdoing (including negligence). or otherwise) arising in any way from the use of the VC Kitchen show, even if the possibility of such damage is reported. This disclaimer applies to any loss or injury.

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4 thoughts on “VC Kitchen #33 – Silicon Valley VCs and Singapore startups! Live pitches! Here, now!

  1. Тайм-коды:
    *0:01** – Intro* (Igor Shoifot, Igor Ryabenkiy, Sergey Gribov и • )
    *7:13** – Питч #178 FASTJOBS* (Mobile first job portal for non-executive jobseekers, 👍отличный питч, 🧐VC интересно, аналог, супер локальный бизнес, конкур. преимущество в локальных партнерствах, не глобальный проект, какой exit)
    *14:47** – Питч #179 42RACE* (Virtual races and fitness challenges, 💪хороший питч, много конкурентов, нет конкурентного анализа, в чем преимущество, некорректный размер рынка, какой retention, где юнит-экономика) *Хайлайты VC* (18:09 💡как правильно считать TAM от Sergey Gribov, 20:27 💡retention #1 метрика в фитнес проектах от Igor Ryabenkiy, 21:25 💡сжигать деньги на рост нужно только при понимании юнит-экономики от Igor Shoifot, 22:20 💡скепсис по отношению к фитнес-проектам со множеством конкурентов от Igor Shoifot)
    *23:39** – На какие рынки ориентированы выступающие стартапы?* (Индонезия, Вьетнам, Тайланд)
    *26:11** – Отличаются ли сингапурские VC и стартапы от США и Европы?* (Сосредоточены на местном азиатском регионе)
    *29:40** – На какие рынки ориентируется ****?* (Глобальный, у локальных стартапов сложность с exit’ом, если рынок огромный то инвестируют)
    *31:55** – Outro*

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