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Here to answer your questions, create conversation, and seek truth about the coronavirus pandemic, as well as discuss plant-based wellness, home fitness, stress & anxiety, mental health, upcoming retreats, and more!

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10 thoughts on “EatMoveRest Live Q+A

  1. Same. I’m not anti vaccine. I just never found sources to prove the efficacy and safety of THE ENTIRE vaccine schedule, which most people don’t even know has increased dramatically over the years. As someone who was vaccinated all through life and into my military career up until 6 years ago, I learned I don’t carry the immunities anymore. Can you imagine where the other adults of this country are with their immunities? So most of our population is walking around without anything and yet we keep targeting children as if it’s needed. We started by following the lead of what Japanese children did and they had the healthiest children. They used to wait two years for their natural immune systems build up without weakening them with injections that break the blood brain barrier.

  2. Im always amazed to see how awake and happy “Plant Based” children are.

    Love watching Larry and Bob. My kids grew up on Veggie Tales have all their episodes on VHS.

  3. I just discovered your channel. My daughter has been Vegan for quite some time. I’m really been thinking about going plant based myself. I’ve been doing a lot of research. I live in California on the central coast for the majority of my live until the end of 2015 I moved to Florida. I have liked living here except for the humidity, hard rain and the hurricane scares. I have really like the recipes that I’ve seen on your channel. I love salads, stews and soups and you have some recipes I’m looking forward in trying, especially the stew that has beets in it. I loved beets. I noticed that you use red lentils in some recipes and green in others. Does it really matter for the recipe, which one you use?

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