Happy + Healthy For The Holidays: Live Q+A

The holidays are on the horizon, and that means family, friends, parties, and pigging out. Join Dusty and I as we discuss how to maintain a healthy, happy, and well-balanced, plant-based lifestyle throughout this festive and fabulous time of the year!

We will be answering all of your questions–everything from vegan pregnancy & parenting, fitness & exercise tips, food & nutrition, meal prep, mindfulness & meditation, social media savvy strategies, relationship advice, home & style, and more! EatMoveRest Your Best,
♥ Erin & Dusty


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10 thoughts on “Happy + Healthy For The Holidays: Live Q+A

  1. Regarding the protein powder replacement in smoothies that you mentioned at the end, Sadia from Pick Up Limes just did a video called Healthy Eating Hacks where she suggested putting cooked white beans in smoothies to add protein, she says you can’t even taste it in there! Haven’t tried it though, I tend to stick with nut butters, seeds, avocados, and a bit of protein powder like you guys do. Great tips though and Erin I love how thoughtful you are and answer these questions with such grace, was a pleasure to watch!

  2. I love you guys and Beau:)) My subtle stress nudge is being with extended family that is very difficult to have any meaningful conversations..but I do believe The Lord puts you where He needs you, and maybe I need to be able to gather with family and just be present, not pressured to be “on”…God bless you guys, baby is arriving soon!! I know you’re ready!

  3. I would really like a “what I eat in a day” video for winter. I struggle with eating cold smoothies, salads and fruits in the winter. I have not been in an oatmeal mood lately and breakfast is a bit of a problem.

  4. I resonate so deeply with your messages about pregnancy and positivity and looking through a perspective of hope and intuition. I would love to share a video with your ideas and journey to a positive health pregnancy and motherhood. I am at the beginning of an unplanned but completely purposeful pregnancy and your messages are so supportive to the journey i am focusing on with this new experience. Slay those stereotypes! 💗💗💗💗

  5. SO excited to find out some lifestyle products you recommend! Yall are such a beautiful couple and will be absolutely amazing parents. What a blessing that a couple such as yourselves can bring a human into the world instilled with the amazing values you both live in alignment with! You don’t give yourself enough credit! The content you guys continue to put out is beautiful! Y’all are amazing! Big love!!

  6. I was just reading something that said “your children dont need a perfect parent, they need a happy one”. i liked it and feel like some parents are so focused on their children they forget to care for themselves and create a happy and healthy mindset to raise their children in.

  7. Carrot cake, sides yes👏👏👏oh and for stress for me just focusing on the present moment instead of thinking to much on the future of what I have to do. We have a 5yr old, 3yr old and 1yr old so staying present also helps me enjoy our kiddos.. like I’m ok right now… we have everything we need right now…how can I enjoy this moment right now.
    Thank you for sharing 💕

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