🔔How To Create The Perfect Workout Yoga HIIT Schedule

This schedule is for people who are able to do at least an hour a day of light activity such as slow walking, house work, etc.
For an extremely sedentary lifestyle, you can swap one of the short HIITs for a long vinyasa.

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10 thoughts on “🔔How To Create The Perfect Workout Yoga HIIT Schedule

  1. I personally love the info sessions. You’re very knowledgeable and I have wondered how to best put together my daily workout program so this was super helpful. I also appreciate your focus on self-love as it can be easy in the society to use exercise and deprivation in a negative way that is not loving and not healthy.

  2. Thank you for this video- very informative. I would love a sample week too 🙂 I have to do something every day
    because I sit a lot at my job. You are the first thing I do when I come home!!

  3. I’ve come to this schedule pretty much by myself. I have experience of overexercising (from a perfectionism/control standpoint) and it drained me – impacting my job and relationships. Now I think about the kinda exercise I give my dog (who I love dearly) – not too much or too little – and treat myself them same 😉 He has strong or weak days and tells me what he needs. I listen to me too. Now I exercise to give me energy for work and the life. Thank you Ali – loved getting the reaffirmation from the video – especially from a beauty like you — what an advocate for your own yoga/exercise schedule xxxxx

  4. Thank you Ali! This is beautiful!! I recall u talking about walking as well.. would that be in addition to the schedule? If so how much do u suggest or experience as effective vs overdoing it? My favorite thing u said was to come from love 🙏☺️❤️that is the best health and life advice 💫

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