Pure Reiki Healing Master

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Amazing Secret Discovered by
Middle-Aged Construction
Worker Releases Healing
Energy Through The Palm of
His Hands?

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If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a?skilledhealer with the ability to?heal yourself and others… (with just a touch of your hands)…

And without needless years of training and having to spend thousands of dollars… just by following a revolutionary?new?Reiki training method…

…then this will be the most important message you?ve ever read.

My name is Owen Coleman

When I first heard about Reiki, I had?excruciating pain?in my lower back. I was taking so many?pain killers, my wife was beside herself.
I was desperate.

A friend told me to meet with his ?healer?. I?rolled my eyes?thinking, ?Oh boy, here we go. Another dead-end I?ll have to pay for with money I don?t have.

When I got there, it was just an old man and table to lie down on.

He motioned for me to lie down and after I did.

Then… something happened. I felt this warmth right where my back pain was. Then, I felt a vibration.

Then,?ALL my tension, anxiety, and stress just left my body and mind?like sheets of metal falling off me.

When I got up, I felt relief. The pain was gone. Totally gone.

How could he take away all that pain like that, when I had tried so many other things?

After That Life Changing Event, I Wanted To Learn All About Reiki…

I quickly signed up for my own training.

But after attaining the first level, I discovered l DIDN?T have the abilities I was supposed to. My teacher told me?I needed to complete the?NEXTlevel to fully attain them.

And two years later… after I completed that, I still couldn?t get ANY results I was supposed to!

My teacher then told me… if I completed the?NEXT?level, I will finally get the results I as supposed to…


Fortunately, I’m The Kind Of Person
Who?Refuses?To Give Up…

And that’s how I discovered the?real?reason I was getting nowhere.

And my life?instantly?changed forever.

In a few short days after this discovery… I finally started getting the results I always wanted to with Reiki.

Just like the man who HEALED me… I was?consistently?alleviating pain, illness and even depression with everyone I did a session on!

Not Only That, I Saw A Dramatic Improvement In
My OWN Health And Well-being!

Where I as constantly feeling tension and aches and pains before, I was now pain free, calm and focused, and rarely got tired.

At ANY time, I was able to perform?miracle?healings ??at will.

Digestive disorders… skin problems… arthritis… depression… anxiety…and even infertility (to name a few)… were?vanishing?in as little as one sessions.

That’s and unbelievable transformation most Reiki masters today can’t claim!


It Only Took About 48 Hours To Create This
Dramatic Transformation…

And it gets better.

My confidence?soared…?and I became absolutely fearless when helping people, friends, and family members… as if I had magical powers.

And all this,?suddenlyoccurring, AFTER I discovered the secret I will reveal shortly.

But it’s not magic at all!

You see, what I learned had nothing to do with my?own?abilities, and?everything?to do with…

The Hidden Truth About Rieki?s History
They Don?t Want You To Know…

After doing my OWN research, I learned?2 important facts?about Reiki’s origin.

Fact #1

Reiki was developed by a man named Mikao Usui in 1922.

He taught some students how to use and perform Reiki and formed a school.

But after his death, one of his students ? a lady named?Mrs. Takata?? took over as president of the school.

She believed?money?was what Western people UNDERSTOOD and RESPECTED,.

This Started The Idea That Paying A Lot Of Money For Reiki Training Was Necessary

Fact #2

Before she passed away, she trained 22 people from different countries.

She wanted train them to become master Reiki healers. They were?charged?with keeping the tradition alive.

But here?s what happened:

A few leading teachers?CHANGED?the way they taught Reik!

So, over the years, the?original?aims and trainings?of Reiki have been LOST, MUDDIED and OBSCURED by all those changes.

Focusing On Charging A Lot Of Money… And
Altering The?Original?Training… Forced The
Original Teachings Of Reiki To Get?Lost In Time

No wonder?I was struggling. Even after YEARS of dedicated training!

I stopped my ?formal? training.

And I?hunted down the ORIGINAL teachings?of the founder, Mikao Usui taught.

After finding it, and?applying?the ORIGINAL teachings…

…I was suddenly able to get?STAGGERING?results I mentioned above.

But here?s where things REALLY took off…

The TRUE And ORIGINAL Teachings Of
Reiki… Were?In Fact… SIMPLE And EASY…
And Allow You To Start Performing
Miracles ??FAST.

You see, the founder intended Reiki to be?easy to learn!
He had a CAUSE ? a MISSION in life.

To spread health and well-being throughout the world.
Making it hard, complicated, and expensive to learn would?defeat the purpose.

If someone you care about is?sick,?depressed?or in?desperate need of relief

…what good is TWO-AND-A-HALF-YEARS of training? They need help, NOW.


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